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Asus Support UK

Asus is a Taiwan Multinational Company ( MNC ). Asus word means Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology. Asus manufactures computers and lots of computer related products like notebooks, smartphones, display monitors, WIFI routers, screen projectors, motherboards, graphics card, computer peripherals like mouse and keyboards etc. This company is very serious about its products and upgrade its products from time to time. Their Asus Support teams are also very capable in case any customer face any kind of problem.

So above is the introduction of AsusTek Computer Inc. Now its time for our introduction, we can provide support for Asus products in the United Kingdom. It means if customers face any kind of problems in their devices then can freely call us on our toll-free number 0800-046-5242. After dialing this number they will be get connected to our customer care representative who will help them related to their issue. We have a team of Engineers ready to resolve your problems. We have customer care executive to deal with customers emails and to reply them accordingly.

What can we do for you?

As mentioned earlier we are the team of Engineers who have more than 4 years of experience in resolving Asus related problems. Our team can solve other Laptop brands problems also but we are the best at handling Asus products. So our specialties are:-

  • Blue Screen of Death ( BSOD ) solution.
  • Installation of any new software in your computer.
  • Resolution of hanging problems and slow working of the device.
  • Internet connectivity issues.
  • New Operating system ( Windows ) installation or upgradation to the new version.
  • Activating Antivirus software like Mcafee, Avast, AVG, Malwarebytes, Panda etc.
  • Virus removal.
  • Termination of popup from the internet browser.
  • Data transfer from one computer to another computer.
  • Data and files recovery.

Asus care

Asus-supportcenter.com is working in the whole UK( united kingdom) i.e. we cover all fours countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We have the support center in the whole UK. You can also come to us directly after taking an appointment on phone. If our engineer thinks that your problem can be resolved by sitting at home then you don’t need to come to us physically. Asus support help asks its customer to come to their support center only in those situations when your device is broken.  Asus Customer Service

Asus Help Center and Care 0800 046 5242 United Kingdom

Asus Contact Number

Asus recently have launched some new devices related to gaming. To play games laptops should have higher configuration system which is like a graphics card, around 16GB to 32 GB Ram, 1 TB hard disk and a high-quality monitor. So due to these new features and update of Asus, its customer can sometimes feel stuck. For those cases, we are here. If you are stuck somewhere then you can call Asus Helpline. Asus Customer Service Number

Our team also provide help with new problems like gaming, installation etc. If you are playing a game and your system crashed or you face any problem then you can dial our number which is 0800-046-5242 and we will help you. But we have our restrictions also. we can help customers with most of the problems except for some.

GeProblems which we cant solve online are as follows:-

  • If Asus Laptop is not turning on.
  • The sound is not working smooth.
  • Display problems on the laptop.
  • Hotkeys of the laptop not working properly.
  • Internet not working.
  • The high temperature of ASUS laptop air outlet

In these cases, we can’t help online so you have to come to the nearby service center by yourself with your device and invoice. But before coming to the nearby service center you should call us and take appointment from us. You should mention your problems properly with our customer service executive. Maybe he can solve your problems at the same time.

Some basic advice for everyone who is using laptops:-

  • If you are going out then Shut down your system properly. Don’t put it in sleep.
  • Don’t touch the laptop screen with a pen or marker as it is very delicate.
  • Avoid using the laptop near other electronic equipment like TV, mobiles or refrigerators.
  • Keep laptop flap down as it will let very less dust to enter and also save your laptop from accidental water spill.
  • Don’t put your laptop on blanket or pillow while using it as it will stop ventilation.
  • Use a good quality bag which will save your laptop from drops.
  • Set a password on your laptop which is not very common like password or abcd.

Using Email to Asus Helpline

you can email us or can fill our query form and can send us your details. We will contact you by our self. just click on this link and you will be redirected to our contact page.

inner speakers not running on ASUS laptop with Windows 10

My Asus laptop is 1.5 years old. in recent times, within the last 2 or 3 months, my internal speakers stopped up working for no obvious reason. I include not muted or disabled no matter which, and I did not open my laptop to actually unplug my internal speakers. The troubleshooter cannot make out the issue and the drivers are up to date. The Digital present Audio shows the AMD High Definition Audio Device status as, Not plugged in. Other than that, the AMD High Definition Audio Device Properties states that the Device status as,This machine is running properly. See below for relevant diagnostics and details.

Playing Audio Publisher details: Issues found

The speaker, headset or headphone is unplugged

The speaker, headset or headphone is unplugged
An auditory device must be plugged in to play or record sound. Not fixed Not Fixed
Plug in the speaker, headset or earphone Informational. Asus support Uk